Now we're going a little…

Now we're going a little
In the country, where peace and quiet.
May be, and soon my way
Mortal collect belongings.

Lovely birch thicket!
You, land! And you, plains Sands!
Prior to this, a host of leaving
I can not hide my anguish.

I too loved in this world
All, that the soul is enveloped in the flesh.
world aspens, what, rend trite,
We gazed at the pink Vod.

Many thoughts, I thought over in silence,
Many songs himself resigned,
And this on the ground gloomy
happy with, I breathed and lived.

happy with, that I was kissing women,
crushed flowers, I am lying on the grass
and the beast, like our little,
I never hit on the head.

I know, that do not bloom there thicket,
It does not ring-necked Swan rye.
Because a host before leaving
I always feel a shiver.

I know, that the country will not
these cornfields, zlatyaschihsya in the mist.
That's why the people dear to me,
They live with me on earth.


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Sergey Yesenin
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