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Sergey Yesenin
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  1. Anonymous

    These lines can not belong to Yesenin. here uncertainty. Tired, we do not know why. From some showers. Some rotten people. Modern Net is full of posts about the fatigue, about sleep, Well, everything else gninoe, how people. No findings there is no. This verse layman. Home cooking poetry of our time. Yesenin wrote very little obscene and vulgar, here and try to present hacks him. Do not believe the posts on the Internet

  2. Thomas

    In youth. learning at school, and he was banned, I was very interested in his fate and creativity. Collected essays about him, his correspondence. Mom an acquaintance took his collected poems in five volumes. And this I can not remember.

    1. Mike

      Of course you will not find ,because it’s a verse of Alena Garlyanskaya 2014. Yesenin has practically no phases where the pronoun WE is used.

  3. Vitaly Fedorovich

    Hiding behind a synonym and writing nasty things.
    The verse is wonderful- so briefly convey the state of society given only to a genius.
    By the way, everything remains the same….
    If this is not clear to you, shut up better- you will marry smart.