leaves fall, leaves fall…

leaves fall, leaves fall.
moaning wind,
Length and deaf.
Who will delight the heart?
Who will soothe, my friend?

With the aggravation of the centuries
I look and look at the moon.
Here again, roosters kukareknuli
In obosenennuyu silence.

dawn. blue. early.
And flying stars grace.
What would make a wish,
I do not know, that wish.

That wish for everyday nosheyu,
Cursing their inheritance and the house?
Now I would be a good
See the girl at the window.

That eye is cornflower
Only me -
Not someone you know -
And with new words and senses
Calms the heart and chest.

To a etoyu with a white lunnostyu,
Taking a happy lot,
I did not melt on the song, not thrilled
And with strange fun yunostyu
About her never regretted.

August 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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