ground captain

no one
Not ruled by the planet,
And no one
Not sung my song.
As soon as he
With its hand upraised
He said, the world -
single family.

I do not deceived
hymns hero,
Do not tremble
Krovoprovodom lived.
I am happy,
That sometimes gloomy
one senses
I breathed with him
And he lived.

Not that we,
So that all
Fall into a miracle
And elephants,
As a humble boy
He became steering
their country.

Amid the roar of the waves
In its clearance,
slightly harsh
And gently mil,
He thought a lot
according to Marxist,
Quite Leninist

This is not a merry-making Stenki!
not Pugachev
Bunt and the throne!
He did not put
Up against the wall.
All I have done
Only human law.

He has in mind,
full of courage,
As soon adjoined
To the steering wheel,
To about Cape
fragmented wave,
Plenty of giving
To the ship.

He - Tie
And the captain.
Scary eh him
squally slopes?
After all, collected
With different countries,
The whole Party it -

Who are not accustomed to the sea:
They are for the best
will ignite,
Getting off the mainland,
Guiding lights.

Then the poet
another fate,
And so I do not,
And he amongst you
Will sing you a song
In honor of the struggle
new words.

he will say:
"Only one swimmer,
Who, Tempering
The soul agony,
Finally opened to the world
No one had seen before
land ".
17 January 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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