As pokladinka laid down over the ditch…

As pokladinka laid down over the ditch
Voiced month over the blue hills.
Raspleskalasя Pegan mgla,
I see light blue wing.
Again emerged from the flat valleys
Father's House under the bushes rapids.
And weather-beaten light rain,
Horse sweat smell of black earth.
There still, as it was then,
The same river and the same herd ...
Just above the red willow hill
Dilapidated shake hem.
I know, not dreamed of destiny
New song in a quiet cottage,
AND, like before, Arkhangelsk face
Breathes true story read out of books.
Quiet, quietly in the corner bozhnichnom,
Month kneads kutyu on the floor ...
And worrying only mention of silence
From bake timid mouse.

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Sergey Yesenin
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