Confessions of a suicide

Just with me, my mother,
I'm dying, I perish!
Sick sorrow in the chest keeping,
You do not mourn me.

I could not live among people,
Cold poison in my soul.
And that, what he lived and he loved,
I myself terribly poisoned.

His soul a proud
I walked happiness party.
I saw the shed blood
And cursed faith and love.

I drank the cup to the bottom of your,
It poisons the soul is full.
And here I am in silence GASN,
But before the death of me easier.

I rubbed on the face of the earth print,
I am above quivering in the dust.
And let live slaves of passions -
Otherwise the passion of my soul.

Crazy world, nightmare,
A life is a funeral song.
So I finished my life,
Last Statement sing anthem.

Are you sick with anxiety
Do not cry over me in vain.


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Sergey Yesenin
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