limericks (About poets)

I sat on the sand
The bridge Vysokova.
There is no better verse
Alexander Blok.

made svistulechku
Of walnut.
No more fun and louder
songs Gorodetsky.

I was restless,
restless left.
calmed verses
Mikhail Kuzmin.

Smith went to the fog,
Now it comes from Zueva.
I love poetry in sandals
Nicholas Klyueva.

Winds from the river,
Blow from the edge of the village.
There chintz and brocades
Lyubov Capital.

Poured into a corner
cockroach, as the warbler.
Do not think, that grow up,
Tanya Efimenochka.

Brother, rash, brother, fire away,
Mayakovsky - mediocrity.
Mug paint Pete,
robbed Whitman.

Bruce dances in Tver
not myshom, and rat.
uncle, uncle, I'm big,
Soon I'll be with bald head.

Brother, priests, Oh oh oh,
There the poet Mariengof.
many Kaushal, very drunk,
Without underpants went.

Kvas rusks, amber brew,
Barrel Old New.
We have Vasyatka Kamensky
Head dubovaya.


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