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Attention, contained obscene language and mat!

Do not look, that is scattered in the scattering of,
That the break itself and mus.
I have divided this girl – Autumn,
And forgotten, it ebya.
Oh, you bitch! such a body
Between blyadmi I do not find!
Sweet fruit moisture sweating,
Rings berries in your nipples.
opened! About scarlet velvet
Lips and mouth! crazy squeal!
Can not!!! call Baha!
He writes "sonata pussies".
Oh, it's time you are my live!
Head – head – blow job.
tearing me, burns,
I'm coming ... I'm sorry.


The wind blows from the south
And the moon rose,
What do you, blyadyuha,
Night did not come?
You do not come at night,
It did not come the day.
think, we masturbate?
Not! other ebom!


You do not own,
not own, not.
I now another
give it French style.
And now another
I give to fuck-
Who among you is dearer:
Dick you plead.

Do not sue, дорогой, and Achaia,
keep life, how horses, the bridle,
Send the everyone on the dick,
So that you have not sent in the pussy!

I would be a woman - white, white
But although what difference
I would have pulled her with force against a tree
And in the ass, in the ass, in the ass.

I look in the toilet laughing
I have blue urine
And the end of my blue
In general, I'm not happy
Mayakovsky in response:
Do not you have a head, but
In your veins instead of urine
would put you in
And begin to remodel

EBIT bab fresh shadows!
With love, your Sergei


Autumn rotten long since it was the
Birds shit begin klyuvat.
On the old fence crow shit
What a weather, itit your mother.


Who would know, we are tired
From nasty shower of rotten people.
How to live it became unbearably
Among these creatures and whores.

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