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Tanya was good, beautiful were not in the village,
Red ruches on Belo sundress on the hem.
In ovraha by Tanya evening walk pletnyamy.
Month in a cloudy haze clouds leads to the game.

the guy came out, curly head bowed:
"You Are Goodbye, my joy, I zhenyusya to another ".
pale, slovno soap, skholodela, as the dew.
Gas chambers zmeeyu developed its spit.

"Oh, you, blue-eyed boy, I say no offense,
I came to tell you: I leave for another ".
NOT matins ringing, Echoing a wedding,
Jumps wedding at carts, horse hide face.

Do not become sad cuckoo - Tanya crying relatives,
To plumb in Tanya wound hurt like a club.
Alыm venchyk zapeklysya drop of blood on chele, –
Tanya was good, beautiful were not in the village.


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