1 May

there is music, poems and dances,
There are lies and flattery ...
Let me scold for stanzas -
They really have.

I saw the holiday, celebration of May -
and amazed.
I was ready sgibnut, hugging
All virgins and wives.

where to go, who tell
Whose the "henna",
What's in the sun bathed yarn

Well then do not carve a hymn in the heart,
Do not fall in trembling?
walking, sang forty thousand
And drank identity.

Poems! poems! Not very Lefty!
just! just!
We drank to the health of oil
And for guests.

AND, my first glass of uplifting,
one nod
I drank this holiday on May
for Sovnarkom.

The second glass, that so, Not really
Vdrezinu lie,
I drank proudly for workers
Under someone's speech.

And my third glass I drank,
As a Khan,
for this, so as not to bend at the rattle
The fate of the peasants.

Pei, a heart! Just do not stop you in,
That life is ruining ...
That's because I drank the fourth
Only for himself.


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Sergey Yesenin
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